2022 Legislative Priorities

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High-Tech and High-Skilled Talent Initiative

Starting in 2022, MICHauto, in partnership with the State of Michigan, will convene stakeholders from government, industry, and academia to develop a plan to secure Michigan’s knowledge economy future. The plan will enhance the state’s high-tech and high-skilled talent pipeline and enhance Michigan’s global leadership in the automotive, technology, and mobility industries.

Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electric Future

MICHauto will continue to advocate for a regulatory and tax climate that rewards research and development, which promotes investment in the AV and EV sectors. This also means continuing to support public-private partnerships, connected corridors, and other innovative initiatives to cultivate a vibrant startup culture in Michigan.

Strengthening and Supporting the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Base

MICHauto will continue to support legislation that will help the industry recover from ongoing economic instability and current supply chain disruptions. MICHauto will advocate for capital equipment tax breaks — reestablishing programs like the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), expanding the Going PRO Talent Fund, and streamlining its application process. Additionally, in 2022, MICHauto will focus on strengthening access to raw mineral production in the United States, which is critical to domestic EV battery manufacturing.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

MICHauto will support legislation, including changes to the criminal justice system, to bring greater equity and inclusion to the automotive industry and beyond. These initiatives will seek to remove barriers to talent acquisition by supporting legislation to ensure applicants from more diverse but often disadvantaged backgrounds have access to employment in the industry.

Supporting New Americans in Michigan

MICHauto supports initiatives such as Michigan’s Global Talent Attraction, Retention, and Recovery Plan to encourage immigration and resettlement of high-skilled foreign workers to Michigan. MICHauto will also continue to advocate for policy changes at the state and federal level to attract more immigrants to Michigan, including greater access to educational opportunities and increasing the number of green cards for high-skilled workers.

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