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Mackinac Moment: Ari Weinzweig Talks Shifting Perceptions

Read more about how Ari Weinzweig built a successful food empire in this Detroiter article.

“Reality is what we take to be true…What we take to be true determines our reality,” said Ari Weinzweig, co-founding partner for Zingerman’s Community of Businesses.

On Thursday, May 30 at the 2019 Mackinac Policy Conference, he urged the audience to begin thinking about their own beliefs.

Weinzweig stated that there are three kinds of beliefs: positive, neutral, and negative beliefs, and that “You cannot get positive outcomes from negative beliefs.”

In his closing comments, Weinzweig outlined his own core beliefs. He shared that everyone is a creative, caring, and intelligent human being. When it comes to leadership, the job of leaders is to get greatness out of their employees. In business, there are natural laws of business; all organizations live in harmony with these laws and when they don’t problems arise.

“We really can’t change the world. We really can’t change other people,” Weinzweig said. “The best we can do is start thinking here and there. The only revolution worthwhile is the one-man revolution in the heart.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The self-fulling belief process makes what people believe become their reality, because it impacts how individuals engage with others.
  • Business is neither good nor bad, it is just a tool.
  • When people choose ego over the ecosystem, problems arise.

This session was sponsored by PNC Bank.