Political Action Committee

Endorsing Winning Candidates and Legislation

Each year, hundreds of laws, rules and regulations that affect the bottom line of businesses in the Detroit region are adopted by state and local units. The Detroit Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) weighs in on these policies and interviews and endorses candidates with pro-business agendas running for local, state and federal legislative offices.

Detroit Regional Chamber PAC

The Detroit Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses candidates when consensus is reached among its Board members. The Chamber PAC is comprised of business leaders representing bipartisan views and reflecting diversity in industry, business size and location. The Chamber PAC historically makes bipartisan endorsements based on alignment with the Chamber’s policy priorities.

In the 2016 general election, more than 92 percent of the PAC’s endorsed candidates won their respective races.

View the full list of endorsed candidates for the 2018 election.

Endorsement Selection

With careful consideration, the Chamber PAC Board makes endorsements focused on candidates’ stances on business issues and the potential to represent the region’s business community.

The PAC Board requires a two-thirds consensus to make an endorsement and decisions are based on:

  • Alignment on issues important to Chamber
  • Candidate responses to a PAC survey
  • Input from PAC members
  • Personal interviews with leading candidates interested in the Chamber PAC’s endorsement

Note: Due to Sandy Baruah’s appointment on the board of directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Detroit Branch he is precluded from being on the Detroit Regional Chamber Political Action Committee Board.

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