Informational Sessions

There will be two informational sessions for the Detroit Charter Board Leadership Program in Spring 2020. These sessions are designed to help applicants:

  • Understand the difference between a board’s role to govern versus manage, given the relationship between the governing board and the school operator to include self-managed and third-party management entities.
  • Understand the board’s responsibility for academic and financial oversight, and to provide tools to support monitoring and evaluation of school leadership operator performance and board self-evaluation.
  • Understand how board leadership can engage in the broader community in which schools are located and vice versa by developing a greater awareness of the culture and expectations of the urban school environment.

Presentation/Discussion Components

  • The Educational Landscape in Southeast Michigan
  • School Governance – The Role of a Board Member
  • School Finance Basics
  • Expectations and Building Culture in Urban Schools
  • Next Steps – Board Matching and Appointment

Gold Members