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Talent Attraction and Industry Awareness Committee

Talent Attraction & Industry Awareness Committee

Understanding that public perception is the key to building a healthy talent pipeline to support the industry’s continued evolution and growth, the MICHauto Talent and Awareness Committee works to engage companies and organizations around workforce-related issues as well as develop strategic approaches to attracting and retaining high-tech talent.

Committee Objectives

  • Develop solutions to high-tech talent pipeline needs exploring options including immigration, veteran programs, skilled labor, and other educational programs
  • Promote the state’s automotive, mobility, and technology assets to automotive companies and site selectors
  • Improve outdated public perception of Michigan’s automotive and mobility industry
  • Make recommendations of speakers and presenters for participation MICHauto events.
  • Help grow MICHauto by recommending prospective investors and committee members.

Committee Membership

Participation is limited to current MICHauto investors.

Each MICHauto investor company is allotted two committee seats, with a maximum of one representative from each of the following areas:

  • Human Resources, recruiting, and talent
  • Marketing, communications, and public relations

Committee Structure

  • This committee includes two working groups:
      • Talent Pipeline Engagement: This working group is most relevant to the committee members working in HR and recruiting. Together the group will identify future high-tech talent pipeline needs for the industry and determine how MICHauto investors can make a meaningful impact through projects that include the Discover Auto program.
      • Industry Awareness: This working group will utilize the communications and marketing committee members to work on the development and rollout of a social media marketing campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities for career development in the automotive and mobility industry in Michigan.
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