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MICHauto, Detroit Mobility Solutions Coalition Discuss State’s New Mobility Office, Startups, and Diversity and Inclusion

Since December of 2016, MICHauto has convened the Detroit Mobility Solutions Coalition to gather key voices and industry stakeholders to share information, ideas, and generate synergy. Since the initial meeting, a wide array of important initiatives and projects have come to fruition through this collaboration. MICHauto continues to convene this original group along with a host of partner organizations to provide an update on what is going on in Detroit’s mobility landscape and discuss potential collective action moving forward. On July 8, this group hosted its first virtual meeting and heard from speakers including:

  • Adam Jansen, Plug and Play Detroit
  • Stacey Matlen, Senior Mobility Strategist, City of Detroit Office of Mobility Innovation
  • Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer, State of Michigan
  • Dexter Sullivan, Program Manager, Michigan Mobility Institute
  • Eric Thomas, Chief Storyteller, City of Detroit

Topics ranged from equity and inclusion in the mobility sector to bringing a new global startup accelerator to Detroit (Plug and Play). Participants also heard from Trevor Pawl, who will be leading the new Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification.