Media Policy

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In order to ensure 2020 MICHauto Summit attendees and working media have adequate space and accommodations, the Detroit Regional Chamber requires media to request media credentials to attend the Summit.

Media credentials will be granted in lieu of Summit registration only to working media as defined below and will not be granted to applicants who the Detroit Regional Chamber determines do not meet the established criteria.

The Detroit Regional Chamber reserves the right to deny or revoke media credentials for any reason.

Credential applications are evaluated for each Summit. A history of being granted media credentials at the 2020 MICHauto Summit DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval for this year’s Summit and does not waive the credential application and approval requirements.

Request media credentials here. For more information, please contact Kelly Sweeny at 313.596.0360.

Credential CriteriaTo qualify for press credentials to the 2020 MICHauto Summit, applicants must be a working journalist at a bona fide news-gathering outlet including publicly read newspapers, news services, websites, and radio and television stations. Applicants must cover business or policy-related issues on a regular basis or be working on special assignment. Each media credential covers one individual person.

A working journalist is defined as someone deriving income from journalistic activities either independently or as part of an independent media outlet. Independent media outlets are those independent of special interest groups, trade associations, consumer organizations or government agencies or organizations with a primarily public relations function. Applicants who report for newsletters or other publications for such groups are not considered working media. Credentials cannot be transferred.

  • Non-Editorial Staff: Credentials will not be granted to non-editorial staff such as management, marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, art, personal blog writers or publishers of media organizations. Publishers and station managers will not receive media credentials unless they have an established record of a role in coverage (such as writing columns from the Summit ) the previous year.
  • Personal Bloggers/Social Media: The Detroit Regional Chamber does not grant credentials for the purpose of writing a personal online blog or social media.
  • Freelance Writers: Freelance writers must verify they have been retained by a credible news organization for the express purpose of covering the Summit. Freelance applicants will be asked to provide proof of their assignment.

Providing Further InformationThe Detroit Regional Chamber may request media applicants to submit the following:

  • Business Card
  • An assignment letter from an editor, written on company letterhead including a detailed explanation of the assignment
  • Samples of recently published work

Credential DenialShould you be denied media credentials for the 2020 MICHauto Summit, you will be denied access to the Summit unless you purchase registration.

Photography and VideoThe Detroit Regional Chamber works to accommodate all photo and video requests.

  • Video Cameras and Recording: Video cameras and recording devices by credentialed media are allowed in the Sound Board for this event. The Detroit Regional Chamber reserves the right to ask a reporter with a camera to leave the Sound Board at any time. Please give advance notice if you intend to bring a camera so special accommodations can be made.

    Please Note: Due to contracts with Summit speakers, video and audio recordings of some speakers at the Summit may be restricted or may not be allowed.
  • Flash Photography: Flash photography is not allowed in the Sound Board. Photographers shooting in the Sound Board are welcome to take photographs, but must not use a flash. The Chamber will provide photography same-day on Flickr and the link will be provided to all media.

For questions regarding media credentials, please contact Kelly Sweeny at 313.596.0360.

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