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High-Tech Talent Strategy

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Attracting and retaining high-tech talent to support the ever-evolving needs of the automotive and mobility industry is one of MICHauto’s key focus areas. It strives to accomplish this goal by:

  • Engaging businesses to gain an understanding of what their talent needs are.
  • Developing and implementing initiatives with education, industry, and government leaders that meet these needs.
  • Promoting and connecting career opportunities in the industry with potential talent.
  • Working with Let’s Detroit, a program to attract and retain young talent in the region, increase graduates in Southeast Michigan, and cultivate an innovative, engaged, and culture-focused business community.
  • Supporting the Detroit Drives Degrees Community College Collaborative, a cross-sector initiative that elevates the role of community colleges in improving the region’s talent pipeline.

Help students discover exciting careers in the automotive and mobility industry.

You can build the high-tech workforce of the future by hosting a Discover Auto tour.

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