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Jenny Orletski-Dehne

Manager, Let's Detroit

 Jenny Orletski-Dehne is the manager of Let’s Detroit, a talent attraction and retention program designed to promote living, working, and playing in the Detroit region by creating authentic connections among young talent to increase the number of college graduates and young professionals that choose to stay in the region post-graduation. Orletski-Dehne manages the overall growth and strategy of the program by engaging with sponsors, ambassadors, and partners and coordinating content and events that connect young talent, things to do, places to live, and employment opportunities. 

 When she started at the Chamber in 2019, she served as a coordinator for MichAuto, leading the Discover Auto program and launching the You Drive the Future pilot campaign. In addition, she supported the MichAuto team with events, research, and investor engagement. 

 Before joining the Chamber, Orletski-Dehne earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Michigan State University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.