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Mission and Focus Areas

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MichAuto is the state’s only automotive and mobility association with a mission to promote, retain, and grow Michigan’s signature industry. It provides a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to engage in advocacy, discuss industry priorities, attract and retain high-tech talent, and create an innovation-forward environment to support next-generation mobility developments.

As the automotive and mobility industry continues to evolve, MichAuto serves as a trusted advisor and representative for the industry, ensuring Michigan maintains its global leadership and competitiveness.


Since its inception in 2007, MichAuto has served as a trusted and leading voice for the automotive and mobility industry through multiple historical transitions and will continue that rhythm through new economic infrastructure.


  • Provides a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to connect, discuss industry priorities, and support an innovation-friendly environment to drive next-generation mobility developments to position Michigan as a state of choice for the industry.
  • Fosters a culture of innovation across the state that attracts the best high-tech talent and a skilled, advanced workforce with a vested interest in the automotive and mobility industries.
  • Advocates for the industry as a unified voice in Lansing as it goes through a historic transformation and as an advocate for the state as a destination of choice for those seeking to invest in the future.
  • Seeks to bring together the tremendous talent, knowledge and resources that exist in the automotive and mobility industry in Michigan.

Focus Areas

In order to achieve the mission, MichAuto’s work is focused on four pillars:


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  • A central pillar of MichAuto’s mission is to bring people, companies, government, and organizations together from across the automotive and mobility ecosystem, emphasizing the need for stakeholders to work together to achieve success industry-wide.
  • MichAuto believes that every automaker, supplier, and company in the automotive and mobility ecosystem has a better chance of prospering when the industry is strong in Michigan.
  • MichAuto connects its investors with policymakers and serves as an advocate for the growth and prosperity of the industry.
  • MichAuto seeks to foster connections across the automotive and mobility ecosystem by serving as an information and networking resource for its investors and partners.

Glenn Stevens Jr. on 'JR Morning at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show


  • Due to the competitive nature of the automotive and mobility industry, Michigan’s position as a global leader is at risk of eroding. Because of this, MichAuto identifies policies, initiatives, programs, companies and leaders that will help keep the automotive and mobility industry moving forward in Michigan, allowing the state to remain competitive on a global scale.
  • MichAuto understands that growing global leadership positions requires continuous investment, innovation, and collaboration across the state’s automotive and mobility ecosystem, and works to educate and inform the public about the importance of the industry, the challenges it faces, and information regarding new and emerging technologies.

2024 Automobility Day at the Capitol Meeting


  • MichAuto makes a difference in the state’s automotive and mobility industry by serving as a trusted voice for stakeholders and organizations across the automotive ecosystem.
  • MichAuto uses its voice to influence policies and decisions, while helping to improve the effectiveness of education and training programs, as well as the industry’s ability to collectively make critical transitions.
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Let’s build Michigan’s automotive and mobility future together.

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