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Michigan is Automobility Report

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The annual Michigan is Automobility report comprehensively explores the state of the automotive and mobility industry in Michigan.

The 2023 report demonstrates Michigan’s continued global leadership in the automotive and mobility industry. Michigan still ranks highest in the nation in manufacturing jobs, R&D, and vehicle production, and its robust ecosystem continues to evolve as the industry and its needs do.

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Key Takeaways

Industry Overview

Michigan’s mobility industry leadership remains strong from design to consumer.

  • 26 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) located in Michigan
  • 98 of the 100 top automotive suppliers to North America have a presence in Michigan, with 65 headquartered here
  • #1 state for vehicle production, producing over 1 million more vehicles in 2022 than the next highest state

Leading the Electric Future

Michigan is heart of the mobility industry’s electrification.

  • #1 in the nation for electric vehicle (EV)- and battery-related announced investment by OEMs and suppliers since 2018, at $20B
  • #1 for business-funded automotive and mobility research and development
  • 89% increase in EV charging stations since 2018

Talent and Education

The mobility industry’s high-tech workforce relies on skilled, credentialed, and engaged professionals.

  • #1 in the nation for automotive manufacturing jobs, 6x higher than the national average
  • 50.5% of working-age adults earned credentials of value beyond high school, ranking 37th among states
  • 60.9% labor force participation rate, ranking 39th among states

Testing and Deployment Landscape

Michigan’s robust ecosystem of mobility-related assets and deployments is unrivaled.

  • 300+ assets that are active contributors to the automobility industry
  • 55+ public and private deployment partnerships
  • #1 for operational U.S. Department of Transportation-funded connected vehicle deployment with 16 projects

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