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MICHauto has partnered the Michigan Mobility Talent Consortium to expand the reach of its High-Tech Talent strategy.

The Michigan Mobility Talent Consortium (MMTC) is cultivating and expanding the talent pipeline for mobility careers in Michigan. MMTC was established in 2019 in Detroit, Michigan, to create a comprehensive solution to develop, attract, and retain the top talent needed for a successful future.

MMTC’s vision is to develop and increase the qualified talent pool in the automotive and mobility industry by building bridges between industry, educational organizations, and government institutions.


  • Increase the percentage of STEM graduates in Michigan schools from 15% to 30% (8,250 to 16,500 graduates).
  • Increase the skillset of the graduates and ensure they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
  • Create partnerships with educational institutions to expose more students and educators to what the mobility industry offers and develop alternative training programs.
  • Improve the perception of the mobility industry to between 60-65%. Currently, only 50% would consider a career in this industry.

As the automotive industry transforms into the mobility industry and technology continues evolving rapidly, MMTC demonstrates what it really means to work in this integral industry. Innovation and data will drive the future of mobility, offering high compensation and outstanding benefits for all skill levels and degree types. There is a strong, future career path provided in Michigan with unlimited potential. We are ensuring students are in the know of the many opportunities for long-term success and career development.

“Bring Your Engineer to School Day” Program

In partnership with MICHauto and the State of Michigan’s Mobility Futures Initiative, MMTC is proud to provide a new program designed to:

  • Expand the knowledge of local teachers about career opportunities and the unique and exciting skills needed in the mobility industry while debunking myths about the opportunities and traditional perceptions.
  • Build lasting relationships between classrooms and industry.
  • Increase the number of students interested in the industry and generate excitement about the future of mobility.
  • Ultimately, retain talent in Michigan by employing more students in well-paying, dynamic Michigan jobs.

Through our “Bring Your Engineer to School Day” program, engineers and other mobility industry professionals will have the opportunity to give local students a glimpse into what it really means to be an engineer by visiting a classroom, facilitating an interactive activity, and sharing real-life examples.

Did you know?

Downtown Detroit

In Michigan…

  • ~100,000 high school students graduate each year
  • ~55,000 go to college
  • ~15% of those are in STEM

In 2025, we expect to see a drop in overall graduates that will continue in future years.

The automotive and mobility industry needs more talent than we are producing. If we can’t create enough talent in Michigan, local companies will go elsewhere for talent.

Get Involved

If you are passionate about the future of the mobility industry, we want to hear from you! We have unique volunteer opportunities for industry partners, educators, engineers, and other mobility industry professionals.

Consider the following opportunities to get involved:

I am an…Get involved by…
Industry Partner-Joining the MMTC as a member organization.

-Connecting us with engineers or other professionals at your company who are interested in volunteering (by developing programming for students and/or participating in the “Bring Your Engineer to School Day” program described in the full program instructions).
Educator or School Representative-Helping us develop future programming for students.

-Hosting an engineer in your classroom through the “Bring Your Engineer to School Day” program described in the full program instructions.
Engineer or Other Mobility Industry Professional-Helping us develop future programming for students.

-Facilitating an interactive visit in a local classroom through the “Bring Your Engineer to School Day” program described in the full program instructions.

To learn more or volunteer, contact Anne Randhava at anne.randhava@wtwco.com.

Downtown Detroit

Let’s build Michigan’s automotive and mobility future together.

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