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Industry Perception Studies

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Highlighting the Perception Trends and Opportunities of a Changing Industry

In these reports, MichAuto shares key insights on the perception of the automotive and mobility industry – particularly as a promising career option – among students and young professionals. Explore the reports for how these views have changed and the challenges the industry must overcome to ensure the continued retention and attraction of high-tech talent. 

Key Takeaways

  • Adult influencers feel more positively about the automotive and mobility industry than youth. 7 out of 10 adult influencers agree it is an attractive career field for young adults entering the workforce, with half of youth agreeing it is an attractive career for young adults.
  • Positive perceptions of the automotive and mobility industry from both youth and adult influencers include less school requirements to begin a career, opportunities for growth and advancement, and financial benefits, while negative perceptions include layoffs, shutdowns, market shifts impact, long hours, safety concerns, and physical demands.
  • Low awareness of diverse career options in the industry (outside of engineering and manufacturing), educational pathways, and working conditions are hindering the industry.
  • The automotive and mobility industry is seen as offering high-earning careers but low work-life balance. While 2 out of 3 of youth rate the automotive and mobility industry as better than most or excellent in salary, 71% rate it as okay, very poor, or terrible in work-life balance.
  • Most youth and adult influencers believe either a high school degree or trade school certification is all that is needed to begin a career in the industry, viewing the educational barriers as low. Only 1 in 5 youth and 24% of adult influencers say a bachelor’s degree or more is needed.
  • More than half of youth overall say they would not consider the industry for a career. However, Michigan youth are 3x more likely to highly consider automotive or mobility (14% vs. 4%).
  • Michigan and Detroit are notably behind California as the perceived leader in developing electric vehicles among youth but jumps ahead of California slightly among adult influencers.
    • More than half (56%) of adult influencers see Michigan as leading the race to develop electric vehicles; far fewer youth agree (39%).
    • 54% of Michigan youth believe Detroit is an attractive location to start a career in the development and/or production of electric vehicles, while 64% of adult influencers in Michigan share the same belief.
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