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MichAuto Highlights Perception Trends and Opportunities in 2017 Career Industry Perception Study

October 15, 2017

Highlighting the Perception Trends and Opportunities of a Changing Industry

As automotive evolves to meet the rapidly changing demands of consumers and an industry dominated by technological innovation, growing and retaining a rich pipeline of talent is critical to sustain Michigan’s leadership in connected and autonomous vehicle development. Three years after its initial perception survey released in 2014, MichAuto completed a survey of career decisions from youth and influencers in October 2017 to determine areas of growth or decline as part of a larger effort to address the industry skills gap.

The data shows that through awareness efforts led by MichAuto, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and PlanetM, and partner organizations across the state, the automotive industry is gaining ground among both Michigan youth and influencers as a viable and diverse career opportunity. In addition, there is an opportunity to continuously improve the understanding of the automotive and mobility industry and Michigan’s role, especially among youth and influencers outside of the state. Respondents’ perceptions of automotive outside of Michigan remain largely unchanged, while the majority are also unaware of the state’s mobility leadership.

About the Career Perception Survey

Participants responded to two separate series of questions in order to gauge:

  • Perceptions regarding Michigan’s automotive industry that impact consideration for career opportunities
  • Perception of mobility innovation and autonomous vehicle development in Michigan


  • 900 respondents, both inside and outside of Michigan
  • Youth, ages 17-24
  • Adult influencers, parents with kids ages 12-17, adults in leadership roles of youth organizations, high school and college-level educators,
    career counselors and academic advisors

Facilitated by Research America Inc., the MichAuto survey was completed in October.