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Industry Transition

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The automotive and mobility industry is undergoing a historic transition as it moves from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles to a lower or zero-emission future. MichAuto is the voice of the industry and helps automotive and mobility companies navigate the transition to new products, manufacturing processes, support and service infrastructure, and a workforce with new and different skills.

MichAuto’s work helps the industry understand and overcome the technical and engineering challenges associated with this transition by supporting economic development that helps Michigan stay at the forefront of the change, promoting talent and workforce development efforts necessary to expedite the transition, and helping educate the public about what it all means.

Within this focus area, MichAuto:

  • Supports policies and initiatives that keep Michigan at the forefront of the automotive and mobility industry as it continues through one of the most transformational periods in the industry’s history.
  • Accelerates the industry’s transition through the MichAuto Innovator Xchange, Mobility Meetups, and crucial research and data analysis.
  • Embraces its role as a thought leader in the state of Michigan and for the automotive and mobility ecosystem, using its influence to explain the industry’s point of view.

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