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Economic Development

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MichAuto is a resource for companies looking for information about Michigan’s signature automotive and mobility industry, the benefits of doing business in the state, and connections to the right partners, regulators, and policymakers.

As the industry experiences a historical transition, MichAuto focuses its work on informing and educating companies in the industry to understand the technical and engineering challenges associated with the transition. This supports economic development that keeps Michigan at the forefront of change, talent, workforce development, and public education.


  • Tracks industry investment in Michigan and has a vast network of contacts across the industry.
  • Recognizes that global competition for investment from the automotive and mobility industry is more intense today than ever before.
  • Leverages its resources to connect Michigan companies or companies looking to expand into Michigan with the right partners, legislators, and regulators.
  • Supports proactive economic incentive policies aimed at attracting and securing investments in innovation, research and development, and manufacturing.

For additional information, contact the MichAuto team.