Our Team

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Glenn Stevens Jr., Executive Director, MICHauto and Vice President, Automotive & Mobility Initiatives
gstevens@michauto.orgConnect with Glenn:




Carolyn Sauer, Senior Director, MICHauto
Devon O’Reilly, Director, Entrepreneurship & PlanetM Landing Zone
Kathryn Smith, Director, Resource Development
ksmith@michauto.orgConnect with Kathryn:



Kimberly Blackmon, Manager, Engagement
Jennifer Orletski-Dehne, Manager, Let’s Detroit Engagement


Detroit Regional Chamber

MICHauto is a key initiative of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s economic prosperity strategy. The Chamber’s leadership and team also support MICHauto with strategic counsel and resources to execute program work and ensure effective operations. Learn more about The Chamber’s economic prosperity programs here. View Chamber staff here.

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