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MichAuto is the only statewide voice of Michigan’s robust automotive and mobility ecosystem, which includes 26 OEMs, 98 of the top 100 suppliers, mobility startups, law firms, and other active industry contributors. These companies work collectively toward MichAuto’s goal of advancing the state’s position as a global automotive and mobility leader.

Upon investing, you will join a community of more than 100 like-minded companies and industry professionals to connect with on one of MichAuto’s committees and at events across the state to foster mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships.­­

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Meaningful Connections

MichAuto creates meaningful connections through fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships.

  • MichAuto works diligently to listen to the concerns of investor companies and provide answers, support, or connections to others in the state who can provide information, insight, or assistance.
  • MichAuto holds several events on an annual basis designed to foster connections between individuals, companies, and government officials.
  • MichAuto investors have access to a suite of complimentary and discounted-rate events including, but not limited to:

  • MichAuto investors also gain exclusive access to MichAuto on the Island at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual Mackinac Policy Conference. The event includes roundtable discussions on the industry’s most important trends and challenges and is led by some of the state’s highest-ranking industry executives and experts. View announcements made at previous MichAuto on the Island convenings.


MichAuto’s advocacy efforts provide a unified voice in Lansing for companies with and without public affairs representatives to advocate for policies that advance the industry’s growth, including:

  • Communicating the industry’s needs to local, state, and federal government leaders.
  • Operating the Michigan Legislative Automotive Caucus.
  • Influencing the adoption or rejection of critical legislation.
  • Offering investors to get involved by joining the Advocacy committee.


MichAuto focuses resources on growing the high-tech talent pipeline in the state of Michigan and within the automotive and mobility ecosystem.

  • Discover Auto: Engages high school students in the Detroit Region and state to explore automotive and mobility careers by attending in-person and virtual presentations and tours.
  • Detroit Drives Degrees Community College Collaborative (D3C3): Provides community colleges with financial resources and technical assistance to implement collaborative regional strategies to improve educational opportunities and strengthen the talent pipeline.
  • You Drive the Future: Inspires future jobseekers to discover their potential and purpose in the ever-evolving automotive and mobility industry in Michigan. By highlighting high-tech opportunities and young professionals already making their mark in these fulfilling and exciting careers, MichAuto aims to bolster the talent pipeline and foster a new generation of high-tech talent.
  • Square One Education Network: Provides hands-on STEM learning opportunities for students at diverse schools across the state.
  • Lockwood STEM Center Pilot: Supports the development of regional in-school STEM curriculum and hands-on labs in Saginaw County to provide career and educational pathways for students in mid-Michigan.
  • CEO Coalition for Change: Formed by MichAuto and CADIA in 2020, this group of automotive Chief Executive Officers discusses key issues and strategies for meaningful strides in diversity, equity, and inclusion to become a more inclusive industry, leverage diverse talent, and better engage the workforce. Read the CEO Coalition for Change report.

Industry Insights

MichAuto provides valuable industry insights through a variety of reports, studies, and thought leadership materials to show the measurable impact of programs and efforts, including:

2024 Detroit Auto Show Auto Caucus Reception Feature

Let’s build Michigan’s automotive and mobility future together.

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