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Bolstering Michigan’s Startup Economy With New Innovator Xchange Program

April 3, 2024 Elliott Stepanian Headshot

Elliott Stepanian | Coordinator, MichAuto and Business Research, MichAuto

From the electric vehicle (EV) transition to the advent of artificial intelligence, the automotive industry’s status quo is shifting from established methods to nimble and innovation-focused operations. An engaged and supported startup community is becoming an ever more critical part of a healthy business ecosystem.  

As a commitment to bolstering Michigan’s startup economy, MichAuto has created the MichAuto Innovator Xchange, an immediate access point for new startup companies to connect with well-established firms and other consumers of innovation. The inaugural cohort includes: 

Throughout this one-year program, these startups will have complimentary access to exclusive MichAuto events, receptions, and committees to continue networking with MichAuto’s extensive roster of OEMs and legacy automotive investors and inspire industry collaboration. 

The Innovator Xchange kicked off on March 21, where the new cohort mixed and mingled with each other, the MichAuto staff, and the MichAuto Board of Directors. 

As the Innovator Xchange’s coordinator, I am pleased to say that the kickoff event has already begun to foster the exact type of collaboration we intend to facilitate. MichAuto Board Members were engaged in high-level discussions with several of our startup CEOs, which will form the foundation of Michigan’s future success. 

At the end of the day, Michigan will only succeed as the epicenter of automotive development if industry leaders support the whole spectrum of companies within our mobility ecosystem. On behalf of MichAuto, I am excited to help ensure that our startup community and legacy investors work together to build a more prosperous and innovative future for Michigan.