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Innovator to Watch: Airspace Link’s Michael Healander

March 9, 2022
Michael Healander is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Airspace Link, a startup member of MichAuto’s Innovator Xchange. MichAuto spoke with Healander about Airspace Link and the growth of technology startups in Metro Detroit.

What makes your company or technology unique to the industry?

The AirHub Platform is the only one of its kind focused on integrating all of the stakeholders in the drone ecosystem, including state and local government, to ensure that drones are able to integrate into the national airspace and into communities at scale. We’re focused on not only launching a new dimension of mobility but ensuring it is in harmony with and fully benefits the communities in which it will operate.

Why do you think Detroit is a great place to launch and grow a mobility or technology startup? 

Focusing on drones as the next dimension of mobility, Detroit made perfect sense to begin our journey. It’s been a great place to collaborate on multi-modal mobility platforms and has some of the top companies and leadership in mobility to collaborate with.

Why do you think it is so important to connect startups with established OEMS, suppliers, and other consumers of innovation?

Startups often fill gaps that don’t make sense for larger companies to dive into. Airspace Link is a great example of that. Our technology is the trusted neutral platform in the drone ecosystem to help operators and government stakeholders coordinate, communicate, and plan operations that are safe and in harmony with the community.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs interested in the mobility and technology industry? 

Getting involved in the Detroit mobility and startup community will be invaluable to growing your business. The partnerships we’ve grown with public and private stakeholders have been instrumental in scaling our business here in Detroit.

 What unique skillsets are needed from the next generation of entrepreneurs? 

The most important skill an entrepreneur can have is the ability to pivot quickly and adjust to rapidly changing regulatory and market conditions. Our business has made several pivots as the industry emerges in order to position ourselves for success, no matter which way the regulatory or market trends sway.

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