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View and download an evolving collection of industry data and resources commissioned by MICHauto and the Detroit Regional Chamber.

2021 Annual Report

The CEO Coalition for Change was created by CEOs committed to taking the actions necessary to make meaningful strides in DEI in the industry.

Read the first annual report here.

2021 Michigan is Automobility Report

The annual Michigan is Automobility report comprehensively explores the state of the automotive and mobile industry in Michigan. The 2021 report shows the remarkable strength and resilience of the industry in Michigan despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a global supply chain disruption of semiconductor chips, and a labor shortage. The assets and resources of the automobility ecosystem in Michigan are unparalleled. There is no greater density of research, design, engineering, testing, and advanced manufacturing anywhere in the world.

Read the full report here.

Mobility Industry’s Economic Contribution to Michigan

Released March 24, 2021 at MICHauto’s State of Automobility event, this report defines the mobility industry “as the production and distribution of goods and provision of services that support any movement of people and products.” The report highlights how many jobs are tied directly and indirectly to the mobility industry and the significant impact on the region’s overall economy. The report focuses on data from 2019, which was the last year of complete economic data, and includes an early analysis of how COVID-19 impacted the industry.

Read the full report here. 

2020 Michigan Is Automobility Report

From Michigan’s global impact and talent pipeline to education initiatives and legislative updates, this report offers updates and detailed data on Michigan’s evolving automotive ecosystem.

Read the full report here. 

Michigan’s Automotive Industry: 2019 Economic Contribution 

MICHauto recently commissioned a study that demonstrates the comprehensive contribution of the automotive industry to Michigan’s economy. The study, conducted by Public Sector Consultants, found that the automotive industry contributes a total of $225 billion to the state’s economy. Of that $225 billion, 83% is directly attributed to automotive manufacturing.

Read the full report here.

MICHauto Auto Industry Career Perception Survey

Three years after its initial perception survey released in 2014, MICHauto completed a survey of career decisions from youth and influencers in October 2017 to determine areas of growth or decline as part of a larger effort to address the industry skills gap.

Read the full survey here. 


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