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MichAuto Investor Supporting the Work Smart, Play Smart Campaign and How You Can Too

August 14, 2020
While many in our professional and personal lives are ready to restore a sense of normalcy, we are still in the midst of a global health and economic crisis. In the best interest of our industry and communities, we must continue to act as stewards, following safety protocols to make meaningful progress toward recovery.

Michigan’s automotive industry has demonstrated strength and resilience over the past few months. From manufacturing PPE to developing return-to-work playbooks to implementing a spectrum of safety protocols, the automotive industry has established a model for how to adapt and overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19.

MichAuto recently launched the Work Smart, Play Smart to Keep Manufacturing Open campaign, emphasizing the importance of personal accountability to support the industry’s reopening and recovery efforts.

MichAuto investor, Lear Corp., is just one company that has found this campaign’s toolkit to be helpful in educating employees about the importance of following safety protocols outside of work.

“We appreciate the initiative taken by MichAuto to develop this industry-wide campaign in a plug-and-play format. It’s informative and adds an extra layer of education to our existing SafeWork Playbook communications,” said Katya Pruett, vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Lear.

Lear was one of the first companies to launch their return-to-work playbook back in April.

With the help of MichAuto’s comprehensive toolkit, here are some actions you and your business can take today to make an impact:

  1. Share “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols in internal emails and/or newsletters: Promote the Work Smart, Play Smart campaign’s “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols via staff emails to remind your team of the personal safety measures that can be applied within and outside of the workplace.
  2. Post infographics in shared workspaces: Utilize signage throughout your facility to encourage the implementation of safety measures and remind employees of the steps they can actively be taking to maintain a healthy environment at work and at home.
  3. Hold a staff meeting to discuss workplace safety guidelines: Engage in open conversations with your staff to review “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols, encourage participation, answer questions, and provide resources.
  4. Identify “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety point person(s): Identify point people within your facilities who can answer employee questions as they arise and provide additional resources as your team works to implement the Work Smart, Play Smart campaign’s “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols.
  5. Engage on social media: Share the Work Smart, Play Smart campaign and “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols through social media channels to encourage participation, share helpful resources, and start an open dialogue with your audience.

Learn more at michauto.org.