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MICHauto Statement on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

April 6, 2021
In response to the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan, MICHauto Executive Director Glenn Stevens released this statement.

“President Biden’s American Jobs Plan represents a transformative investment in Michigan and the United States’ advanced manufacturing and transportation future. MICHauto is broadly supportive of many elements in the plan, including the modernization of our roads, bridges, broadband, workforce development, and making research and development a priority. Michigan’s automotive industry is well-positioned and poised for significant growth. The proposed investment in an electric vehicle charging network and next-generation battery technology will be profoundly beneficial for the automotive industry, Michigan businesses, and workers.

The proposal to significantly raise business taxes is concerning. In the global battle to drive the future of mobility, returning to business tax rates that place American automotive and mobility firms at a global disadvantage will harm the very industry this proposal aims to bolster.

This is an opportunity for bipartisanship, and we encourage leaders from both parties to work together. MICHauto will continue to work with our congressional delegation to monitor this legislation and will continue to provide the perspective of the industry to policymakers.”