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Data Highlight: Michigan 2020 Job Vacancy Survey

April 8, 2021
Michigan’s Labor Market News released findings from the Michigan 2020 Job Vacancy Survey in their March 2021 issue. According to the survey, Michigan’s labor market had 184,000 job vacancies in 2020. The manufacturing industry had the second-lowest job vacancy rate in 2020, meaning there were 2.8 jobs open for every 100 positions filled. Of those job vacancies, approximately 60% required less than one year of experience, and approximately 85% require a high school degree or less.

However, despite being among the hardest hit industries during COVID-19, the manufacturing industry was able to recoup 156,800 of the 201,500 jobs lost during the shutdown in April 2020, as of January 2021. This trend reveals the resiliency of the industry and the opportunities available for job seekers. Read more.

Source: 2020 Michigan Job Vacancy Survey, Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, Department of Technology, Management & Budget