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Leading for Sustainable Supply Chains

May 3, 2023

CGI Launches a Movin’On Community of Interest Together With Clients and Partners

Detroit, MI (March 22, 2023) Leaders from CGI, Movin’On, Michelin, MichAuto, Pittsburgh Technology Council, Google, Magna, and Sundberg Ferar gathered in Detroit to launch a Movin’On Community of Interest for sustainable supply chains. This pivotal event was hosted at the MichAuto offices and included in-person attendees and participants from North America and Europe.

Who is Movin’On?

“Created and inspired by Michelin in 2017, Movin’On is the world’s leading ecosystem of strategic anticipation and co-innovation for sustainable mobility. Movin’On was established out of a common vision shared by its members: mobility is at the heart of human development but must evolve within a sustainable framework: safer, greener, more connected, more inclusive, and more efficient.” (from www.movinonconnect.com)

Communities of Interest (COI) are project teams that solve a specific burning question over six to 18 months. For this particular community of interest, members will contribute to an executive summit on sustainable mobility held in Montreal on June 15.

The Burning Question

During the day, the community members honed in on the final burning question to be answered by the COI. What is the right data from publicly available and supplier/OEM datasets that will help innovate and measurably improve the sustainability of the automotive supply chain?


Over the next six months, the COI will enact the following workstreams to answer the burning question:

  • Hypothesize. Define dimensions of the datasets that will impact the sustainability objectives of tier-n suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Validate. Validate sustainability and ESG objectives for tier-n suppliers and OEMs. Validate the dimensions with the tier-n suppliers and OEMs regarding how this data would impact their stated goals.
  • Test. Identify priority use cases, get the data, and illustrate how the data might be accessed and utilized across a diverse supplier base.
  • Create a framework. Assess threats to sustainability – for awareness and innovation opportunities.

What’s Next?

Once the COI has conducted a test with tier-n suppliers and OEMs to confirm that sharing the right data can positively impact the sustainability of the supply chain, this information will be shared with members of MichAuto and the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

If you would like to learn more or see how your organization could be involved, please contact Heidi Alert, Industry Marketing Director, CGI, at heidi.alert@cgi.com