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MichAuto Statement On White House Trade Actions

August 13, 2020

Detroit, MI – MichAuto Executive Director Glenn Stevens Jr. released the following statement today in response to trade actions by the White House relating to tariffs on imports of Canadian aluminum:

“MichAuto strongly opposes the re-imposition of 10% section 232 national security tariffs on $2.7 billion of aluminum imports from Canada that is already causing retaliation against U.S. imports, as it has before. Canada is our nation’s largest export market, and year over year we’ve seen increases in U.S.-Canada trade as the country buys more from Michigan than all countries in the world combined. Anything that would thwart this growth is particularly damaging to Michigan and the automotive and manufacturing base here.”

“At a time when business of all sizes depends on trade for economic growth and job creation – amid an ongoing economic downturn due to COVID-19 – decreasing the value of our cross-border partnership that has shown resiliency the past few months, is harmful to manufacturing and the economy. Today, more than ever before, the federal government should be a strong advocate for free and fair trade. It is unfortunate to see an action that will also adversely impact the already suffering American consumers by raising the cost of a U.S.-built car tremendously.”