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Ashok Sivanand

Chief Executive Officer, Integral

Ashok Sivanand is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Integral, a digital transformation firm that helps businesses embed a technology DNA to their culture, processes, and experiences by collaborating to build delightful products and high-performing product teams. Integral additionally sponsors to help bridge the race and gender gap amongst Detroit’s technologists.

Sivanand is a student of the automotive and manufacturing industry and has worked as a forklift driver on the line, developed applications at a General Motors plant, and various product roles at industrial IoT startup Shoplogix.

Sivanand transitioned this knowledge of lean manufacturing to lean-agile software while serving on the leadership team at Pivotal Labs. At Pivotal, he visited Detroit from Toronto to help Ford build the developmental lab, FordLabs. Sivanand loved Detroit so much that he decided to stay and start Integral here.