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Joseph McCabe

President and Chief Executive Officer, AutoForecast Solutions LLC

Joseph McCabe is the President and Chief Executive Officer of AutoForecast Solutions LLC (AFS), leveraging his decades of industry experience and knowledge to provide production forecasting and advisory services to the global automotive community.

McCabe manages the automotive turnkey operations at AFS, including the global light vehicle, powertrain, drivetrain, and alternative propulsion forecast, as well as a suite of AFS proprietary opportunity and sales planning software. AFS supports all tiered suppliers, VMs, government agencies, financial institutions, and the academic community with data, planning solutions, and personalized support to identify new business opportunities while mitigating risk.

McCabe’s 25-plus-year career in automotive forecasting ranges from his tenure at AutoFacts, PwC, AutomotiveCompass, and now as founder of AutoForecast Solutions LLC.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Villanova University and an MBA at Pennsylvania State University.