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Lane Coleman

u003cspan data-contrast=u0022autou0022u003eLane Coleman is the founder and chief executive officer of Strike Group LLC, a sustainment logistics and material supply-sourcing venture.u003c/spanu003eu003cspan data-ccp-props=u0022{u0026quot;201341983u0026quot;:0,u0026quot;335559739u0026quot;:160,u0026quot;335559740u0026quot;:259}u0022u003e u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan data-contrast=u0022autou0022u003eColeman began his sales career as an Account Manager with Amoco Oil Company. In this position, he handled major accounts throughout the United States. He later transitioned to Mays Chemical, where he held various escalating positions ranging from Sales Representative, Account Manager to Regional Manager.u003c/spanu003eu003cspan data-ccp-props=u0022{u0026quot;201341983u0026quot;:0,u0026quot;335559739u0026quot;:160,u0026quot;335559740u0026quot;:259}u0022u003e u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan data-contrast=u0022autou0022u003eIn addition to his civilian career, Lane has completed a very successful military career as a United States Naval Officer, where he excelled in Naval Aviation and Naval Intelligence. Lane served his country in support of Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. After the tragedy of 9/11, he was recalled to active duty to serve as an Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon. After completing 20 years of dedicated service, he retired from the Naval Reserves in 2009.u003c/spanu003eu003cspan data-ccp-props=u0022{u0026quot;201341983u0026quot;:0,u0026quot;335559739u0026quot;:160,u0026quot;335559740u0026quot;:259}u0022u003e u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan data-contrast=u0022autou0022u003eActive in the community, Coleman sits on the following additional Boards: Board of Water Commission for the City of Detroit, Detroit Manufacturing Systems, Henry Ford Hospital and Health Network Board of Trustees, Detroit Golf Club Caddie Foundation, Detroit Regional Chamber, Defense Logistics Board of Managers, and the Northern Illinois Alumni Board of Directors.u003c/spanu003eu003cspan data-ccp-props=u0022{u0026quot;201341983u0026quot;:0,u0026quot;335559739u0026quot;:160,u0026quot;335559740u0026quot;:259}u0022u003e u003c/spanu003e