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CEO Spotlight: Lisa Lunsford

December 8, 2020
Lisa Lunsford is the co-founder and CEO of Global Strategic Supply Solutions (GS3), a supply chain integrator providing metal-form manufacturing and light assembly services since 2010. In September, Lunsford was named Chair of the MichAuto Board of Directors. MichAuto had the opportunity to speak with Lunsford and hear more about her professional accomplishments, inspirations, and more.

What is your number one priority as CEO?

As the leader of my company, my number one priority is growth. However, our success hinges on a wide range of interconnected priorities, like managing risks associated with incoming opportunities; leveraging existing technologies while managing the adoption of new innovations; and investing in people who are integral to our continuing success.

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of personally or professionally?

I’m honored that I now have the opportunity to work with the MichAuto team as the Board Chair to collaborate, discuss, and act on strategies that will advance, sustain, and promote the automotive industry. Building a career working with the right people and processes to create successful solutions has prepared me for the challenges MichAuto will face going forward, bringing together people and ideas from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and putting those assets to work in a way that brings out the best in our industry.

Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship?

Among the many voices of wisdom that have guided me over the years, I’m grateful that I can pick up the phone and talk through a tough situation with Jean Chamberlain, former executive director of the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce. Jean is a pioneer in Michigan politics, including her career working with the late L. Brooks Patterson, and serving as the first and only South Oakland Governmental Liaison. I admire her honesty and clarity, and I go to her when I need advice from someone who does not — and will not — sugarcoat the facts.

What would you tell young professionals about our automotive industry to keep them in Michigan?

Because the auto industry is in your backyard, you have the unique opportunity to experience each individual aspect of the automotive ecosystem up-close, from refining petrochemicals to mobility technology — all of the elements that touch our industry. Now, once you do that, I suggest that you go out and explore the world, absorbing the best lessons from wherever you can learn them, and then bring that knowledge and experience back to add to our region’s collective value, which will drive the industry forward.

What is your favorite car and why?

The 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. You never forget the first car you fall in love with, until you drive a Mach 1.