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Data Highlight: MichAuto Automobility Asset Map

January 14, 2021
The MichAuto Automobility Asset Map highlights the automotive and mobility assets throughout the state of Michigan. The map directory of assets is categorized by OEM Headquarters and research and development centers, OEM assembly plants, deployments and proving grounds, mobility assets, top suppliers, entrepreneur resources, component assembly plants, universities, and transportation. Selecting an asset to explore, prompts the map to show the specific locations for each business, which can be used to identify business clusters. For example, a majority of automotive suppliers are located in Southeast, Central, and West regions of Michigan. However, entrepreneur resources are sprawled across the state with the University Research Corridor in Lansing, 20Fathoms in Traverse City, and Michigan Technological University Office of Innovation and Commercialization in the Upper Peninsula.

MichAuto recently updated the asset map to include the 22nd OEM to locate in Michigan – Lordstown Motors. By clicking on their profile, users can access their address, website, and location on the map in relation to other OEM headquarters and R&D centers. Their decision to establish an automotive R&D center in Michigan brings the total number of OEM headquarters and R&D centers to 24 (22 unique OEMs), all located in the Southeast Michigan region.

This tool is also helpful for organizations focused on business attraction, including the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Office of Future Mobility and Electrification. Kathryn Snorrason, managing director for the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, explains how valuable this tool is for showcasing the business opportunities in Michigan.

“The MichAuto Automobility Asset Map helps out-of-state clients become familiar with the automotive and mobility ecosystem here in Michigan. Clients quickly grasp the vast number of companies spread across the state, and they have the opportunity to dive deeper to understand the details surrounding each of those companies,” said Snorrason. “When you map out the power of the automotive and mobility ecosystem, clients from around the world can easily see an opportunity for their company to be successful here in Michigan.”

Looking at the entire map of Michigan provides a view of all assets across the state making it clear that Michigan is the automotive mobility state.

View the map here. Also, check back for updates as we continue to expand the map.