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Data Highlight: Top Job Postings and Skills for the Incoming Workforce

June 30, 2021
As students in the Detroit region graduate high school and college and start to prepare for their future, there are many pathways into automotive that are available to them. In 2020, the top posted occupations in the Detroit region ranged from software development, mechanical and electrical engineering, sales, and marketing. The top 10 on average had 1,791 unique postings between December 2019 and December 2020 with a total of 17,914, thus indicating there are jobs available, and not just in engineering.

Top Posted Occupations

Source: EMSI, NAICS 3361-3

In addition, as students develop their skills in class and through internships, they should take into account the top posted common skills. These skills include communications, sales, leadership, problem solving, and planning. There are many opportunities in school and particularly through internships to build upon these skills to make themselves more marketable for job opportunities.

Top Common Skills

Source: EMSI

The data shows that there are opportunities for individuals with different educational backgrounds, hard skills, and soft skills in the automotive industry. In addition, the automotive companies are hiring. As students make college and career decisions, these statistics are critical to promote and track in order to guide the next generation workforce.