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Meet OptimizeEV’s Founder Brittany McGee

July 9, 2024

As a commitment to bolstering Michigan’s startup economy, MichAuto has created the MichAuto Innovator Exchange, an immediate access point for startup companies to connect with well-established firms and other consumers of innovation. Learn more about participating company, OptimizeEV, and its Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brittany McGee below.

Meet Brittany McGee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OptimizeEV

Brittany McGee, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of OptimizeEV, spearheads a Detroit-based disruptive startup enhancing EV charging efficiency through innovative data analytics and predictive maintenance. A dynamic force in urban development, she excels in business growth, real estate, and managing Detroit Land Bank’s marketed properties, while nurturing future real estate leaders with Project Destined, an international commercial real estate internship program that teaches high school and college students to be the next owners and leaders of real estate sponsored the leading real estate firms in the country.

She has a history of representing highly regarded organizations including being a graduate of Capital Impact Equitable Developer Initiative Program sponsored by Momentus Capital and a part of the 2024 spring cohort of Techstars Detroit,  powered by JP Morgan.

McGee earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Wayne State University.

What Brittany Has to Say About Her Company

Describe your ideal client and the problem you are trying to solve for them.

OptimizeEV’s ideal clients are fleet managers and EV charging station operators who face challenges in maintaining high levels of uptime for their EV charging and charging infrastructure. These clients require reliable data analytics and system monitoring to efficiently manage their operations and minimize downtime and costs.

For these clients, OptimizeEV solves the critical problem of unexpected downtime and lack of diagnostics by providing predictive maintenance insights and data aggregation. Our platform collects and analyzes data to foresee, identify, and address potential issues before they lead to operational disruptions, thus optimizing charging station performance and availability. We continuously refine and enhance our data analytics platform and by doing so ensure that our clients always have access to the most precise and actionable insights. These improvements empower our clients to make strategic decisions that optimize their operations and scale effectively in the rapidly evolving EV infrastructure landscape.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Over the next five years, OptimizeEV is positioned to set the industry standard for EV charging analytics. Our roadmap includes a strategic expansion into international markets, which will enable us to leverage global trends and meet the increasing demand for smart and efficient EV charging solutions worldwide. We aim to forge a partnership with a leading industry player that will amplify our reach and enhance our technological capabilities.

Our commitment to innovation will also see us branching into adjacent high-growth areas such as analytics for autonomous vehicles and drones. This diversification will not only broaden our market base but also deepen our expertise in the broader field of mobility analytics. Through these initiatives, OptimizeEV will not just keep pace with the industry but define its future, providing our clients with unparalleled service and setting new standards for excellence in EV charging analytics.

Why did you choose to locate your firm in Michigan?

We chose to base OptimizeEV in Michigan, particularly Detroit, because of its status as a hub of mobility innovation. The rich ecosystem of the auto industry, coupled with cutting-edge manufacturing and a network of technology innovators, provides us with unparalleled access to resources, talent, and potential partnerships. This strategic location places us at the center of developments in the mobility sector and allows us to leverage local expertise to advance our technology.

What is your firm’s greatest competitive advantage?

Our greatest competitive advantage lies in our sophisticated use of data and automation. We treat data as the most valuable asset, akin to oil, in today’s digital economy. OptimizeEV excels in organizing and interpreting this data to provide clear, actionable insights for our clients. This enables us to proactively manage EV charging systems and predict potential failures, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs for our clients.