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Meet Singh Thermal Systems’ Charlie Rupert

May 15, 2024

As a commitment to bolstering Michigan’s startup economy, MICHauto has created the MICHauto Innovator Xchange, an immediate access point for startup companies to connect with well-established firms and other consumers of innovation. Learn more about participating company, Singh Thermal Systems, and its Chief Executive Officer Charlie Rupert below.

Meet Charlie Rupert, Chief Executive Officer of Singh Thermal Systems

Charlie Rupert is the Chief Executive Officer of Singh Thermal Systems. He has 20 years of professional experience in design, industrial engineering, project management, purchasing, and supply chains. Throughout his career, Rupert has also fostered meaningful university relationships in engineering and business curriculums.charlie rupert headshot

Prior to his position at Singh Thermal Systems, Rupert held leadership positions in operations, purchasing, and supply chain roles in prominent Tier 1 automotive suppliers. He oversaw capital equipment in solar, semi, and chemical industries, which approached $1 billion annually. Rupert’s Tier 1 operational positions included industrial engineering, Lean Six Sigma, plant and operations management, and a German expat assignment.

Rupert holds patents granted or pending on a number of segments, from manufacturing processes to product patents related to lightweighting technologies.

Rupert earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Western Michigan University and a master’s degree in Business from the University of Michigan.

What Charlie Has to Say About His Company

How long have you been in business and how many employees do you currently have?
The original organization of Singh Automation was founded in 2014. We currently have over 20 employees

Describe your ideal client and the problem you are trying to solve for them.
A battery manufacturer who knows that in the event of a battery fire that a sprinkler head will simply make steam. We actually have a solution that will contain that fire.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?
Having installed solutions to protect facilities in a number of battery manufacturing plants and moving into solutions for infrastructure and home use as part of building codes.

Why did you choose to locate your firm in Michigan?
It’s where we’ve been since college and a part of automotive supply base since we started our careers in the early 90’s.

What is your firm’s greatest competitive advantage?
Thermal expertise that we find is rare and our speed in developing solutions that work.