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MichAuto Connects Mobility Industry and Innovators with New Innovator Xchange

March 24, 2022
Today, MichAuto, announced the formation of the Innovator Xchange, to help OEMs, suppliers, and other businesses better engage with startups or early-stage companies working on technologies that will advance the automotive and manufacturing ecosystem in Michigan. The MichAuto Innovator Xchange will accelerate growth and industry transformation by creating an access point for startups to engage with businesses in the MichAuto community.

“The strength of Michigan’s automotive, mobility, and manufacturing industries have always relied on innovation,” said Devon O’Reilly, director of entrepreneurship, community engagement, and mobility initiatives for the Detroit Regional Chamber. “The MichAuto Innovator Xchange will create a more robust ecosystem for startups to bring their work to the marketplace. This will help ensure that Michigan’s signature automotive industry remains a global leader.”

The MichAuto Innovator Xchange Community

The MichAuto Innovator Xchange will have two main types of organizations.

  • MichAuto investor companies, including OEMs, suppliers, and other consumers of innovation.
  • Startup or early-stage companies with a CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) or Industry 4.0-related technology seeking to engage directly with the automotive and advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Michigan.

Startups Already Involved in Innovator Xchange

The following startups have already joined MichAuto’s Innovator Xchange.

  • Airspace Link
  • Adastec
  • Hage Auto
  • Kuhmute
  • Jade
  • Integral
  • Vehya

Participation in The MichAuto Innovator Xchange

MichAuto’s commitment to advancing a community of innovation will allow technology companies and startups better access to networking opportunities, operational support, and funding. Furthermore, Innovator Xchange members will have access to exclusive programming, data and research, and quarterly thought leadership events. This new ecosystem will connecting consumers of innovation with creators of innovation.

Organizations that are interested in joining the innovator exchange should contact Devon O’Reilly, director of mobility initiatives for MichAuto, at doreilly@michauto.org or 313-402-0371.

For more information, including an application to join, visit https://michauto.org/innovator-xchange