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MichAuto Voices Support for New Hands-Free Driving Legislation

February 25, 2021
MichAuto this week applauded the recent re-introduction of bipartisan hands-free driving legislation in the Michigan House of Representatives as part of an ongoing effort over the past two years to enact updated statute for Michigan’s roadways. MichAuto previously testified in support of similar legislation during the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Cell phones cause approximately 70,000 crashes each year on U.S. roads. Notably, the vast majority of people injured or killed in such an accident are not the driver, but other occupants of that vehicle, occupants of another vehicle, or pedestrians. If adopted, Michigan would join 22 other states who have enacted similar legislation to make our roads safer.

“Technology is changing rapidly, and with that change comes challenge and opportunity. Our laws must evolve with that change to enable the technology and most importantly save lives,” said Glenn Stevens Jr., executive director for MichAuto. “MichAuto is proud to partner with industry leaders in urging the Michigan legislature to adopt expanded legislation that keeps phones out of people’s hands while driving and makes our roads safer.”

House Bills 4277 (Manoogian), 4278 (Mueller), and 4279 (Bellino) have been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, and MichAuto is actively engaged in conversations with lawmakers. Companies who wish to engage in this issue can contact Jason Puscas at jpuscas@michauto.org.