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Michigan Business Beat | Glenn Stevens MichAuto – Previews the 2022 MichAuto Summit Coming Dec. ’22

November 28, 2022

Michigan Business Beat
Nov. 25, 2022

Chris Holman welcomes back, Glenn Stevens Jr., Executive Director of MichAuto and Vice President of Automotive and Mobility Initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber, Detroit, MI.

Watch Glenn and Chris discuss MichAuto and its upcoming summit set for December 8th in the YouTube video shared below.

In the interview, Chris Holman looks to find out several things from Glenn. Welcome back, remind us about MichAuto, its footprint, and its scope of focus.

You’re a couple of weeks away from a big event: the 2022 MichAuto Summit, tell us about that.


That day’s agenda includes Iron Chef Michigan: A Recipe for Economic Competition Speaker: Dug Song, is that the keynote on the day or just one of several great sessions?

You’re one of thirteen speakers for the Summit, are some of these panel discussions?

I understand MEDC and the state’s Office of Future Mobility have stepped up as Platinum Sponsors of your summit, who are some of the others giving support to this event on December 8th?

Anything else we should know and how does the business community register for the event?


MichAuto will host investors and industry stakeholders at the 2022 MichAuto Summit: Accelerating Our Tech-Talent Future on Thursday, Dec. 8, at One Campus Martius to give an update on its programs as well as a forward-looking report of what’s to come.

The midday event will feature several expert panels on the EV and digital transformation, changing work and lifestyle priorities, and how each affects high-tech talent’s decision to live in a community or work for a company.

Dec. 8, 2022
11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
One Campus Martius

$125 for MichAuto investors and Detroit Regional Chamber members
$150 for individuals not currently part of MichAuto or Detroit Regional Chamber


MichAuto Summit 2022