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Middle-Skill Workforce Report Reveals Talent Needs for Connected Vehicles

September 18, 2020
Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are reimagining how automobiles move and interact with their environment, driving new industry development and disrupting traditional suppliers and workers. For regions like Southeast Michigan to succeed in this new era, a well-trained workforce will be needed. The University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute, with support from MichAuto investor American Center for Mobility (ACM), and the Ralph Wilson Foundation, researched the emerging middle-skill workforce needed to support CAVs.  

The subsequent reportUnderstanding the Middle-Skill Workforce in the Connected & Automated Vehicle Sector, provides context for the evolving job duties and details the necessary soft skills and technical skills for the current and future workforce. Additionally, emerging gaps are highlighted for the current and future workforce. 

View the full report.

Key findings demonstrate that a combined mechatronics skillset (a combination of mechanical, electrical, and electronic knowledge) forms the critical foundation for the CAV technician workforce. Advanced skills in software and data systems as well as skills in cybersecurity will be necessary as vehicle complexity and connectivity continues to expand.  

Technicians offer unique perspectives and experiences and can help streamline advancements when appropriately equipped and trained. The success of this sector in Southeast Michigan will depend not only on the engineering designers and innovators, but also the technicians who assist in bringing an idea from design into reality.