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Monthly U.S. Light Weight Vehicle Sales

Automotive Economic Indicators

In April 2020, light weight vehicles sales in the United States amounted to the lowest total since early 2010, selling 717,578 units. This is down more than 418,000 units from the start of 2020 and more than 921,000 units when compared to 1.6 million vehicles sold in Aug. 2019. A decline in sales began in March 2020 with 994,707 units sold, but April was the first full month with widespread manufacturing shutdowns following the stay-at-home orders and closure of nonessential businesses. When comparing April 2019 to April 2020 sales decreased by 85% year over year. As of May 26, dealerships around Michigan are open with additional safety measures and guidelines.

Since the reopening of manufacturing and businesses, vehicle sales increased to 1.0 million units being sold in November 2021.

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