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In Case You Missed It: Investor Town Hall with U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell

January 27, 2021
On Monday, Jan. 25, U.S. Rep Debbie Dingell joined MICHauto’s Glenn Stevens Jr. for a candid conversation on what to expect with the incoming Biden administration during a MICHauto Investor Town Hall.  A strong advocate for the automotive industry, Dingell shared her background, hometown pride, and dedication to making sure that Michigan is the home for mobility.  Promoting government policies that foster growth in new technology is one key area of focus for her and for Michigan.

Going into the new year with the pandemic still before us, Dingell addressed automotive executives’ top concerns and stated that the transfer of power in Washington has ushered in a new day for this country and this industry. Out of the gate, a national COVID-19 strategy is being implemented to address communication, distribution of the vaccine, equipment needed for the administration of the vaccine, and educating people on its benefits.

In conjunction with the national COVID-19 strategy, the new administration will focus on another COVID-19 relief bill followed by an infrastructure bill. The infrastructure bill will be large in scope with a focus on fixing roads and bridges, addressing the broadband issue, and developing EV infrastructure. Other topics that were addressed during the discussion included the USMCA trade agreement and needed changes to immigration policy.

The conversation wrapped up with talk of our talent pipeline. Dingell emphasized that skilled trades need to be valued and that existing programs in support of skilled trades need to be better utilized and expanded upon. MAT² is one such program that was brought up by executives asking for continued government support in getting those types of programs funded and into the schools.

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