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MICHauto Launches Michigan EV Landscape Resource, Upgraded Website

November 15, 2022


The MICHauto team is celebrating the launch of a new-and-improved website with a special content feature – the Michigan EV Landscape.

This unique resource provides a broad look at where the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem stands in the state and how it fits into Michigan’s signature automotive and mobility industry. The indicators outlined in the Michigan EV Landscape are focused on three key areas: EV technology, infrastructure, and investment. These metrics will be updated, and progress will be tracked semi-annually.

While it showcases areas in which Michigan is an undisputed leader, it also reveals areas for improvement that will strengthen the state’s economy if given the proper attention and investment.

“Michigan has been the epicenter of the global automotive industry for over 120 years. As the shift to clean energy propulsion transforms the industry, it is imperative that we maintain our global leadership in the innovation, research, development, and manufacturing of next-generation technologies such as battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells,” said Glenn Stevens Jr., executive director of MICHauto and vice president of Automotive and Mobility Initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber. “Our Michigan EV Landscape provides a picture of our leadership and tracks key variables important to moving Michigan forward in this new industry frontier.”

As MICHauto continues to track this data and glean new insights as this critical automotive and mobility industry segment develops, it will be able to better assess where Michigan stands compared to other national and global regions. The data will inform decisions from industry leaders and partners as well as influential policymakers to ensure the state’s global competitiveness and leadership.

As has been the case with MICHauto’s industry-leading research and data resources, the Michigan EV Landscape will be used by the business community, government and education sectors, and industry insiders to build strong communities and attract top businesses and talent prospects.

Explore the Michigan EV Landscape.

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The Michigan EV Landscape can be found on the new-and-improved michauto.org, which provides:

  • A 360-degree view of Michigan’s automotive and mobility landscape;
  • Extensive data and research related to the automotive and mobility industry and positions Michigan as the go-to place for its advancement; and
  • The latest updates on Michigan’s signature industry, including policy news, events, infrastructure developments, and high-tech innovation.

MICHauto looks forward to continuing to serve as the voice of Michigan’s automotive and mobility industry and convening a community of investors, industry leaders, and education, government, and business decision-makers to foster conversation and action that drives the state’s economy forward.