Michigan’s Only Automotive Cluster Association

MICHauto promotes, retains, and grows Michigan’s signature industry
as the state’s only automotive and mobility cluster association.

In Case You Missed It: 2021 State of Automobility

The 2021 State of Automobility provided a timely update on Michigan’s only automotive cluster association’s plans for the upcoming year, offered insight on the future of the automotive and mobility industry, and explored areas where stakeholders can work together to improve and create opportunities.

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Read the Latest Report

The Mobility Industry’s Economic Contribution in Michigan report outlines the mobility industry’s economic contribution to the state. The mobility industry, as defined by the production and distribution of goods and services that support any movement of people and products, is important to Michigan because it creates solutions to congestion, emissions, safety, and equity. Read the report.

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Millennials And Gen Z Key To Solving The Talent Challenge

Building a strong workforce is critical for any business, but especially for the next generation of automobility as a high-tech, global, and growing industry. Our talent pipeline in the industry and across the state has been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing numbers of baby boomer retirements, and the rapid rise and continuing development of new advancing technologies. So how we do we promote, retain, and grow our talent pool?

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LISTEN: Glenn Stevens Jr. And Lisa Lunsford On The CEO Coalition For Change

Glenn Stevens Jr., executive director of MICHauto, and Lisa Lunsford, co-founder and CEO of Global Strategic Supply Solutions (GS3), joined Automotive News’ Steve Schmith on the Daily Drive Podcast to discuss the launch of the CEO Coalition for Change.

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Work Smart, Play Smart to Keep Manufacturing Open

MICHauto is asking employers to share “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols with their employees through commitment to the Work Smart, Play Smart to Keep Manufacturing Open campaign. The team has composed a comprehensive campaign toolkit to help employers inform employees of the importance of implementing safe practices outside of the workplace to keep the automotive industry running. Learn more.

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