Michigan’s Only Automotive Cluster Association

MICHauto promotes, retains, and grows Michigan’s signature industry
as the state’s only automotive and mobility cluster association.

Mobility and Industry 4.0: Working Together for Michigan’s Future

Read a guest feature by MICHauto Executive Director Glenn Stevens Jr. on the Automation Alley blog, in which he addresses the convergence of mobility and Industry 4.0 in Michigan.

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MICHauto and CADIA Present the CEO Coalition for Change

Join MICHauto, in partnership with CADIA, for the CEO Coalition for Change launch event on Jan. 25 at 11:30 a.m. The CEO Coalition for Change is a group of automotive CEOs committed to taking action to make meaningful strides in diversity, equity, and inclusion to become a more inclusive industry, better engage the workforce, and create economic opportunities in the communities in which we serve and operate.

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In Case You Missed It: A Conversation With Jonathan Jennings

In a special convening on Jan. 13, MICHauto investor CEOs had an opportunity to connect virtually with Jonathan Jennings, vice president of Global Commodity Purchasing and Supplier Technical Assistance for Ford Motor Company.

Jennings has been with Ford for more than 28 years and is a mechanical engineer by trade. He has worked in several different functions that span manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, quality, purchasing, and product engineering across the U.S. and internationally.

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Automotive News: Industry Diversity Needed Now

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not trends — they are necessities. This year has presented both tragedy and opportunity. The question is, can this industry truly embrace diversity, equity and inclusion and commit to transformative change? Continue reading.

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Data Highlight: MICHauto Automobility Asset Map

The MICHauto Automobility Asset Map highlights the automotive and mobility assets throughout the state of Michigan. The map directory of assets is categorized by OEM Headquarters and research and development centers, OEM assembly plants, deployments and proving grounds, mobility assets, top suppliers, entrepreneur resources, component assembly plants, universities, and transportation. Selecting an asset to explore, prompts the map to show the specific locations for each business, which can be used to identify business clusters.

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CEO Spotlight: Jay Sandhu Of NYX, LLC

Jay Sandhu is the chief executive director for NYX, LLC, a market-leading provider of interior, under-hood, and technology solutions for the automotive industry. MICHauto had the chance to speak with Sandhu and hear more about his achievements and motivations.

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Automotive News Announces 100 Leading Women In Auto, Including MICHauto Investors

Automotive News announced their fifth 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry list, featuring female executives from 72 companies. Automotive News chose from hundreds of powerful female executives to select 100 to be named to this year’s list for their exemplary work in the industry, the impact they have had on the health and direction of their businesses, and the arc of their career. Of the 100, the list includes MICHauto Board Chair Lisa Lunsford, CEO of GS3 Global, as well as leaders from 14 MICHauto investor companies.

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Post-Election Automotive Impact: The Results Are In, Now What?

MICHauto hosted a virtual town hall with investors featuring guest speakers Ron Fournier, president of Truscott Rossman, and David Palsrok, government policy advisor for Dykema. Fournier and Palsrok shared a review of the post-election automotive impact from the federal and state levels, highlighting several changes to the new legislative body and what can be expected over the short-term. MICHauto’s Executive Director Glenn Stevens Jr. moderated the conversation and Q&A.

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Latest Data: Automotive Economic Indicators

Stay in the know on the state of the industry with the latest economic data and analysis.

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Work Smart, Play Smart to Keep Manufacturing Open

MICHauto is asking employers to share “SMART” COVID-19 personal safety protocols with their employees through commitment to the Work Smart, Play Smart to Keep Manufacturing Open campaign. The team has composed a comprehensive campaign toolkit to help employers inform employees of the importance of implementing safe practices outside of the workplace to keep the automotive industry running. Learn more.

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