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MichAuto Reflects on Michigan Central Station’s Opening and Future

June 10, 2024

Photo Credit: Glenn Stevens Jr.

The grand reopening of Michigan Central Station marks a transformative moment for Detroit and its automotive and mobility industry. Ford Motor Company’s significant investment in restoring this historic landmark reflects our commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of mobility.

The station’s revival is expected to generate substantial economic opportunities, drawing top talent to the Detroit Region and fostering a dynamic environment for research and development. By igniting a culture of collaboration and forward-thinking, the reimagined Michigan Central Station will catalyze advancements that will redefine the future of transportation worldwide.

“The key resource for the knowledge economy is talent, and in these days of hyper-mobility and global communications, educated, skilled, and talented people have their pick of many desirable places to plant their roots,” Glenn Stevens Jr., MichAuto Executive Director, said in a thought piece. “Michigan Central, Newlab, and the surrounding areas have become a successful magnet for this most sought-after asset – the workforce of the future.”

Michigan Central also provides educational and skills training opportunities to Detroit residents and supports startups through its Newlab ecosystem. Its diverse range of startups is making significant strides in advanced aerial mobility, energy equity, and multimodal logistics. Further, a handful of these startups are among the first cohort of the MichAuto Innovator Xchange, an immediate access point for new startup companies to connect with well-established firms and other consumers of innovation.

“It’s a great place for mobility, for automotive, and also for other technologies to come together in one central place – and it couldn’t have happened at a better place than Michigan Central Station,” said Marjace Miles, Ford’s F-150 Lightning Brand Manager and  Let’s Detroit Ambassador, said during the Michigan Central’s grand opening event on June 6.

Further, Michigan Central will focus on adult economic and mobility pathways that equip Detroiters with future-oriented skills needed for jobs in technology and innovation. This includes partnering with Google in launching Code Next Detroit, a free computer science education program that addresses the underrepresentation of women and people of color in tech.

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Michigan Central plans to serve 200 learners in its first year and scale to 500 per year by Year 10. This means about 2,000-3,000 workers in Detroit and surrounding areas will be placed in target jobs by 2035.

The revival of Michigan Central Station marks a turning point for Detroit and its signature industry. Focusing on innovation and talent development, it is poised to redefine transportation and drive economic growth in the Region. As the station continues to flourish, it promises a brighter future for Detroit and beyond, creating opportunities and driving progress for generations to come.

Please contact Michigan Central directly for ticket information regarding tours.